Scorch N Twang

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Full and musical, this versatile pickup can go from sweet to scorching. Includes 2 mounting/height adjustment screws and neoprene tubing (not shown).

Sound Sample

Click here for a sound sample mp3

The sound sample was done on a fretless three string CBG with a typical “stick through the box” construction – a maple neck and a paper covered wood box. (Hoyo de Monterrey de Jose Gener.) This was through a Fender Deluxe tube amp and no effects other than a little amp reverb.


  • Single coil Strat style pickup
  • Alnico 5 rod magnets
  • 42 AWG magnet wire
  • Handwound/scatterwound.
  • 8″ lead wire
  • Wax potted
  • Shielded
  • Installation instructions
  • 3/8″ string spacing
  • Available in 3 and 4 poles
  • Available in black top or cigar box wood top

Customer Videos

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