CBG for Jeffro

Jeffro's CBG in the custom case

I made this one for Jeffro. I used a deluxe all wood Punch box. This time I put in a scarf joint for the headstock, some fancy veneer on the peghead and tail, and frets. The fret markers are made of rosewood. I did some special tweaking with the neck angle. And, of course, a […]

New Scorch N Twang Flametops


I have a cache of amazing 100 year old veneer that came from some long forgotten furniture manufacturer in Cincinnati. My boss at the time saw it listed in the classified ads. It sounded intriguing, so we went over to check it out. The building was a huge old former brewery. There were a couple […]

Beginning Slide Guitar

Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 4.57.06 PM

I made this video for someone at Cigar Box Nation who was having trouble getting a good tone out of a slide. I thought it might be useful to others, so I’m posting it here too. The CBG is a Jose de Gener box and maple neck, with a Skeesix Scorch N Twang 3 pole […]

Gibson L-1 Completed


The Gibson is finally complete. Here are some pics of the new kerfing and the back going on. Then the sides were completely scraped/sanded bare and stained with a matching stain. Colortone stains from Stewmac made the matching easy. Along the way I had to learn how to French Polish since that’s what they used […]

Custom Pickup Winder


After going through two makeshift winders, one made from a record player and the other from a drill press, I felt serious and passionate enough about pickup making to spend the major portion of last year designing and building my current winder. I got a lot of inspiration from the Designed2wind website and also Jason […]

Little Purple Travel Bass


This was a project for Kimski who travels a lot and needed a bass that could easily go with her. I took another stab at a short scale rubber string bass, this time without a cigar box, due to space constraints. This bass will fit right in a suitcase! The overall length is about 24 […]

Big Jack Finally Gets His CBG

Blues Photos by Don McGhee

A couple of years ago, I built a CBG for Clarksdale, MS blues musician Big Jack Johnson, but he never got it because it was stolen in transit. Everyone was so disappointed. So I finally built him another one and gave it to him personally at the ultimate juke joint – Red’s in Clarksdale, MS. […]